Rexel’s mission is to support customers around the globe, wherever they are, to create value and run their businesses better, by providing a broad range of sustainable and innovative products and services for automation, technical supply and energy management.

As your energy manager, our commitment is to:

  • Let you get back to core business
  • Engage your employees in the program
  • Identify your energy waste
  • Reduce your energy costs
  • Identify the base energy demand for your business
  • Help you publicise your energy achievements

At Rexel Energy Solutions we:
1.  Are supported by Rexel’s presence in 31 countries with 160 branches in Australia to give us access to the most
advanced energy technologies with global buying power.
2.  Offer a true ‘turn-key’ approach to energy management that incorporates energy monitoring, project feasibility and
design, technical support, project management, installation, maintenance, and verification of savings.
3.  Find intelligent energy savings by understanding your energy use patterns and keeping ahead of the industry trends .
4.  Take a holistic view of your business to understand opportunities and impacts on: costs, emissions, maintenance,
operations, safety, marketing and publicity.

The Rexel Energy Solutions Guarantee:

We can reduce your business energy costs by twice the program cost.

If we can’t, we will refund your program fee.

Find out more about our Energy Manager Program here