Investing in energy efficient technology is the smart way for business owners to save on their electricity bills and future-proof their businesses.

Electricity Price Brokerage

Rexel Energy Solutions has partnered with ERM Business Power to help you reduce your electricity costs. Wholesale electricity prices are low and now appears to be great time to lock in a contract for 2015 and beyond. Why use Rexel’s offer? Find out more here


Rexel Energy Solutions turn-key approach goes beyond the supply and installation of quality energy efficiency and renewable products. We can assist clients to finance their energy savings project in two ways:


There is no need to use your own capital to finance your project. We understand that capital is a scarce resource and that you need it to develop your core business. Our finance partners have tailored finance solutions created purely to fund compelling energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. We can often offer finance packages that compete well with your own funding rates and repayment plans that go beyond the average business loan repayment term. Contact Rexel Energy Solutions today to see how we can finance your Clean Energy project.


Federal, state and local governments recognise the value of taking up energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. In fact in many instances government authorities  encourage these projects through the provision of grants and incentives designed to improve investment paybacks to make projects even more compelling for all organisations. Awareness and access to these incentives can be daunting to the uninitiated, that’s why Rexel Energy Solutions have dedicated staff that will acquire these incentives on your behalf. In many cases, we can deduct the value of incentives available to you for your project from your quotation so you will never have to go through the red tape yourself to access these funds which can be quite substantial.

Note: Government Incentives vary greatly from state to state. So if you are thinking about undertaking an energy solutions project, please call Rexel Energy Solutions on 1300 32 66 32 to find out what is available for you.

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