Rexel Energy Solutions are passionate about reducing your lighting energy costs and are able to provide your business with the most efficient solutions when it comes to energy efficient light sources. We can supply you with long life replacement fittings for all your traditional fittings with the energy savings gained over time not only paying for the new solution but also producing a return on investment for you.

Some of these products that we offer have an average life time of 35,000 to 50,000 hours and are lasting, in some cases, 25 times longer than traditional lighting. Despite LED fittings requiring an initial higher outlay, the bottom line savings in energy consumption, replacement lamps and maintenance costs mean that payback can be less than 1 year.


One of the solutions Rexel Energy can deliver for you is the Robus Retrofit range of lighting solutions from the LED Group. This range of products use up to 90% less energy than traditional light sources. This will ensure that your business will see a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions with one simple switch.

The ROBUS Retrofit range is comprised of super efficient LED solutions with high lumen output levels that deliver results across many applications. This range of lighting is assisting commercial and domestic installations to reduce energy costs and at the same time retain the quality of light and flexibility of lighting design schemes required.

CLICK HERE to see how the Robus Retrofit range of products were installed in the Crown Hotel in Sydney where total savings over a 3 year period could amount to $30k.






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Rexel Energy Solutions can also offer an ideal solution for low occupancy areas such as car parks and fire stair areas through enLighten Australia. By combining the benefits of LED and controls that respond to how the space is used, enLighten’s products are regularly delivering energy savings up to 93%. Through our partnership with enLighten we are able to provide you with their patented Chamaeleon LED light.

Since the Chamaeleon’s launch in early 2011, enLighten has secured commercial office portfolio roll-out commitments from major real estate investment trusts and was voted National Cleantech Open award winner 2012 in recognition of its cumulative energy savings and market potential.

CLICK HERE to see how enLighten’s solution was successfully implemented in the Abode apartment block in St. Leonards in Sydney. This project had a project ROI of 1.6years (including Energy Savings Certificates).

CLICK HERE to view Scott Adams, Building Manager of the Abode apartments, talk about the benefits of the Chamaeleon LED light.


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With 20% of the world’s electrical consumption attributed to lighting and acknowledging the need to embrace cleaner energy technologies; the investment in creating energy efficient and sustainable lighting solutions is now of paramount importance. Rexel Energy Solutions, along with Pierlite Australia is committed to the innovation of energy efficient and sustainable lighting products and services; proudly providing lighting designers, installers and consumers an economical and sustainable choice in minimizing our global carbon footprint.

In line with their ISO9001 Quality Management system, Pierlite Australia’s core product and services improvement and development programs focuses on the fundamentals of minimizing material waste through the precise selection of energy efficient optical sources such as LED, INDUCTION, LINEAR T5 and PLASMA technologies.

CLICK HERE to see how the Westfield Building in Sydney reduced their CO2 emissions by 41.5 Tonnes p.a.

Check out Pierlite’s e-Calculator that compares lighting technologies:

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