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Nobody does it better.

MeasureMyEnergy is an all-encompassing energy monitoring solution for any business or individual.
We can measure any utility usage giving you the most detailed real-time readings in the industry.
In short we help you to understand where your money is being spent. And then we show you how to save it.

MeasureMyEnergy is specifically specific. Data is knowledge and we are obsessed with data.
Every day we help global corporations reduce their carbon footprint, increase profits and have a better understanding of patterns within their businesses.

We want consumers to know as much as possible about where they can save energy, money and precious resources.

Our Hardware

MeasureMyEnergy develops their own software and hardware in-house. MeasureMyEnergy maintain their own network and are responsible for their own servers.

Introducing the PDM. This is the core of our business. It’s a hardworking piece of kit transmitting readings to the Global Management Platform every 6 seconds. It comes in 4 different styles.

You can download a full brochure here

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A GEM of an idea.

The Global Energy Management Platform let’s you easily monitor your
utility usage in real time, across as many locations as you need.

The platform is easy-to-use, intuitive, accessible to anyone from the CEO to the
CEO’s grandchild and still loaded with advanced features. Your engineers will
be astounded at the depth of our product’s functionality.