Electric Motors can consume up to 25% of a commercial building’s total energy consumption. Energy efficient motors coupled with Variable Speed Drives can save more than 20% of motor running costs.

Rexel Energy Solutions can offer a wide range of products and services based on innovative technologies to help reduce your energy consumption and save you money. buildings_imageIndustry consumes about 42% of all electricity generated, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). The most energy-intensive industries are cement, chemical, iron and steel.

The energy saving potential in industries and utilities is enormous just in motor-driven applications alone: hundreds of millions of electric motors driving machines, compressors, fans, pumps or conveyors in virtually every sector account for about 70% of all the electricity that industry uses. More than 90% of industrial motors either cannot adjust their power consumption or use very crude methods to do so.  Many always run at full speed, regardless of the actual output needed. In many applications, energy use can be cut to one-eighth just by reducing the motor speed by half.

With Rexel Energy Solutions, you can save up to 75% of your pool pump running costs using variable speed drive technology, specifically designed for pools.


Rexel Energy Solutions Pool Pump Energy Saver 

Pool Pump Energy Saver Summer Special:

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Domestic Pool Pump Energy Saver Brochure

HFE – 1 Single Phase Soft Starter Brochure

Available in NSW/QLD/TAS/SA/WA and selected Victorian Branches Only as per the below:
IDEAL Electrical Branches: Carnegie, Keilor Park, Knoxfield & Thomastown.
REXEL Electrical Branches: Albury & Briar Hill.


Pool Pumps Savers can help home and business save energy. Pool pumps savers are being now being used throughout the domestic and commercial industries as they prove to save power cut costs and reduce noise levels and carbon emission.

The main benefits of installing pool pumps include:

  • Can be used on over 90% of existing AC motors including pool pumps, water features & air extraction fans.
  • Huge Power Savings – Save up to 75% of the running cost for the pool pump
  • Quieter running of pump – reducing noise pollution
  • Improved Filtering & Water Quality in the aquatic industry
  • Less wear & tear on pumps & filters Quality in the aquatic industry
  • Suitable for Domestic & Commercial Pools.
  • No plumbing or hard wiring required


How does a Pool Pump actually work?

In most cases , especially in the aquatic industry, pumps are “over worked” due to the design or implementation of the pump – a ‘one size fits all’ methodology. This means quite often, the  same type of pumps are being used for smaller pools and large industry pools. The unwanted side effect of this is that pumps are quite often asked to exceed the required flow rate.

Installing a Pool Pump Saver  has been proven to give the most effective results whilst maximising the savings on your energy bill. Typical, single-speed starting methods start motors abruptly, resulting in exposing the motor to a high starting torque and current surges that are up to ten times the full-load. In stark contrast, a Pool Pump Saver gradually ramps the motor up to normal operating speed by utilising Reduced-Voltage Soft Starters (RVSS). This reduces mechanical and current surges which can be up to ten times the full load.