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At Rexel Energy Solutions we are a single, objective solution source.
Providing you with options to save you money and make your business greener.

“Electricity prices in Australia have risen by more than 40% since 2007, and are projected to rise by another 30% by 2013/14″*

*Source: Electricity Prices in Australia:”An International Comparison” – A report to the energy Users Association of Australia by CME, Melbourne – March 2012

Rexel Holdings Australia (RHA) has launched Rexel Energy Solutions – a business designed to take care of the increasing demand for energy solutions. RHA is proud to be Australia’s first electrical wholesaler offering turnkey energy solutions in this fast emerging market. It is our mission to stay at the forefront of the energy solutions market and bring you the latest technology and tips to beat the rising cost of power, and at the same time, assist you to reduce your carbon emissions. After all, your customers will increasingly be attracted to the businesses that have the planet’s future in mind.

Working with Rexel Energy Solutions to solve your energy challenges ensures you are dealing with one of the world’s largest electrical distributors, who have access to the very latest products and services available from the best manufacturers around the globe. This means we can solve your energy challenge from top to bottom. There is no need for you to waste precious time going to several vendors to complete your solution. At Rexel Energy Solutions we deliver a turnkey solution from your needs assessment right through to ongoing maintenance after your energy efficient products have been installed. Working with Rexel Energy Solutions you are dealing with an electrical specialist that has been present in Australia since 1896! We are here for the long haul to assist you with your electrical efficiency needs.

“A turnkey solution to save you money and to make your business greener!”

At Rexel Energy Solutions, we are a single, objective solution source. You can hear from literally scores of companies offering their version of energy-saving solutions, but you have no way of knowing which single-product solutions are best or which ‘consultants’ are trying to sell you more than you need. As an independent resource, Rexel Energy Solutions only objective is to determine, source, install and verify the ideal solution for you. We don’t manufacture any products and we don’t sell consulting services. We just deliver solutions that save energy!