Make a move towards reducing your carbon footprint and save money! green_house1-150x150

Installing a renewable energy system is a great move and one that should be easy and effective. Rexel Energy Solutions are approachable, reliable and knowledgeable which means that you can be confident about receiving the service you expect. We take the time to understand the way you live now and the way you plan to live in the future to ensure that the solution we offer you is one that really suits your lifestyle. We not only offer exceptional renewable energy solutions, we also have the energy efficiency products to noticeably reduce your power bill and we really enjoy supporting our customers through their journey. We have carefully brought together a nationwide network of fully qualified, accredited and trusted local Electrical Contractors who will ensure that you get quality service every time.

A fully installed renewable energy solution from Rexel Energy Solutions is designed to instantly reduce your power bills and this is what we offer:

  • Energy efficient alternatives to existing power hungry systems for lighting, hot water, air-conditioning, pool pumps etc.
  • Monitoring equipment to help home-owners visibly gauge their power usage. These are a great way to encourage behavioural changes within the household to align activities with the cheapest power charge periods

Change your energy usage behaviours and become energy efficient – it’s not that difficult. Why not make it a house-hold project? Of course, that is just the first part of joining the clean and green lifestyle and making great savings. The rest is up to us, and we ensure that you thoroughly understand everything we recommend.  There are many reasons why people choose to become more energy efficient, some of these reasons include:


  • Environmental consciousness – Our impact on the planet is foremost in the minds of many people. There are numerous levels of Environmental awareness and we are able to assist with all degrees. People are increasingly aware of reducing the carbon footprint they leave behind to ensure a clean and safe outlook for our children and future generations.
  • Savings on our Power Bill – The savings benefit is what drives a lot of people to turn green. As conventional energy sources continue to rise in cost, getting more involved with renewable energy will result in significant savings for households, business and industry.